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ezCam: Affordable Security ip Cameras : Wireless Home / Business Video Protection


Some people ask, "How does a wireless ip camera work?".  Please examine the simple diagram here.

How To View Your Security Camera on Your Tablet or Smartphone

HOME OWNERS:  Endless possibilities . . .  for instance you're at home on your couch watching TV and your kids are in the other room clowning around. You have your Tablet or Smartphone next to you and you want to see what they're up to, just pick up your tablet and click on the app and PRESTO! You can see what they're doing!

BUSINESS OWNERS:  Let's say, You have a small store, you leave for the evening but your store is still open and your employees are running the show. You're on the couch at home resting and you have the feeling to check out what is happening at your store. Just pick-up your Tablet or Smartphone and click on the app and "You're There" instantly!

See how easy it is. Watch our video below:



  • Q:  Do your ip cameras operate with an Apple Computer, iPhone, iPod, iPad?
  • A:  YES.  In fact, every ip camera is equipped with it's own operating system inside of the ip camera itself. It doesn't use your computer, phone or tablet OS. Therefore, no matter what computer (make or model), Smartphone, tablet, iTablet, it will work. You just need to follow the proper setup procedure for the ip camera to be accessed by a web browser or app.


  • Q:  Where do I find out how to setup my ip camera?  Do you provide this help?
  • A:  YES. We provide help within the owners manual (windows format). This owners manual is downloadable from the included setup disc which is provided with each camera packet. If your disc gets damaged, no worries, you can download it from our website! We also provide many other help topics for your ip camera, along with some video tutorials. You can find them here:  http://ezsecuritycam.com/shop/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=9


  • Q:  Can your ip cameras send me a picture to my e-mail when it detects motion?
  • A:  YES.  All of our ip cameras are capable of sending either an e-mail or, when used along withBlue Iris 3, you can even send SMS (text alerts/pics).


  • Q:  Do your ip cameras require a computer within the network to be turned on constantly to work?
  • A:  NO. Our ip cameras will allow you to access them from anywhere around the world with just the ip camera plugged into a power outlet (after proper setup procedures). However, we do recommend having a dedicated computer to run a monitoring/recording software (ie: Blue Iris 3) in order to record and file video of motion detected, (for stored/playback) while you're away.


  • Q:  Do your ip cameras require a multi-camera DVR, NVR to record video for playback?
  • A:  NO.  Our ip cameras are capable of setting a recording location to an existing computer harddrive or external harddrive within the home/business network in which it is located or record manually from any other computer outside of your network while accessing your ip camera through a web-browser. Our ip cameras work really well with the 3rd Party Software: Blue Iris 3 for more technical use. We recommend sending your motion detection recordings to a "Cloud" source such as Google Drive or DropBox.





Payment Options:  Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover

We use Paypal to collect payment for your purchase. If you do not have a Paypal account, don't worry, because Paypal allows you to choose payment by credit card during the payment process.

SEE HOW to Pay By Credit Card on the Paypal "checkout" screen: